• Massenhove Recruitment are a fantastic recruiter with a wealth of insurance knowledge in finance, underwriting & claims. They are very creative and in times of operational pressure they always deliver. They have been instrumental in projecting our brand and contributing to the successful growth of the company. Always an excellent service and always putting quality first.

  • I couldn’t recommend working with Jacky enough, not only has she placed me in an excellent role and company but was there with me every step of the way through the interview process, always available on the phone/email when I needed and provided invaluable advice. Months after joining I continue to receive support from Jacky as she regularly checks in to see how I am getting on in the role, showing that she really cares about and invests in the candidates she works with. Thanks to Jacky and all at Massenhove for going above and beyond in helping me secure a fantastic job!

  • We have worked with Massenhove Recruitment for the past 15 years and during this period deserve great credit for the continual level of service they have provided. Throughout this time Massenhove Recruitment has genuinely been one of, if not our most consistent performer on our recruitment PSL which is a great achievement.

    Always demonstrating a friendly yet professional approach to recruitment, we really feel they understand our business and as importantly, demonstrate strong market knowledge and contacts which has always enabled them to fulfil the most difficult and challenging roles over the years.

    I would also like to add that Massenhove Recruitment always demonstrate the highest levels of integrity and honesty which is an asset that we really value and that we look forward to continuing our relationship with them for the foreseeable future

  • I have worked with Massenhove Recruitment twice now in the past 5 years, both times securing me the job I wanted. Most recently I have had the pleasure of working with Jacky who has been every bit as helpful as the first time I used them as an agency. The main and to me the best point I wish to convey about Massenhove is that they were always there for me. If not Jacky, Sarah would stand in and give me all the time and support I needed to explore and answer any queries or questions I had. I even received messages on more than one occasion from the Managing Director as late at 10 O’clock at night providing me additional information I had requested. You do feel as though they would work round the clock for you and can never do enough, which in any profession these days is truly magnificent.
    Thank you again to Jacky and all at Massenhove, and please be assured I will tell all that will listen how good your service has been.
    All the very best.

  • Massenhove Recruitment has provided an excellent service to our business for over 5 years now and the greatest testament I can give is that I do not know what we did before them. You genuinely get a real sense that if asked they would work through the night to fill a role for you, such is their commitment to our business's recruitment needs.

    Without question, the best agency we have dealt with and one I would have no hesitation in recommending.

  • We would without hesitation recommend Massenhove Recruitment. Initially acting as a preferred recruiter for our City office, they have of late been a big part in our expansion process within our regional centres where we had otherwise struggled to find staff using local agencies to the area.

    Most impressively, when recently relocating a division of our business to one of our regional offices, Massenhove hired a local hotel facility and undertook their own interview day to ensure they saw and prepared every candidate prior to interview and were successful in filling 7 of our 8 vacancies. Not an exceptional act for an agency as a rule, however with a 7-day lead time and the offices some 300 miles away, we really did appreciate the ends they went to, way above and beyond our expectations.

  • Even though I wasn't actively searching for a change in role Tony contacted me when he was made aware of a perfectly suited opportunity giving me the first option on speaking with the client. Tony remembers and is willing to go that extra mile to ensure his clients are well looked after. Approachable regardless of the day or time and eager to ensure his clients are progressing well in their new roles long after his direct involvement has ended.

  • I have worked with Massenhove Recruitment for over 2 years and the Company have used Massenhove for 9 years now.

    During this time, they have demonstrated professionalism and credibility in their field and it is evident that they possess a strong technical understanding and excellent market awareness, and I feel that it is this that enables them to understand our business and successfully provide us with high calibre candidates to fill some of our most challenging of roles. Massenhove, have consistently filled a number of roles throughout the business at a variety of levels and are credited with being one of the more successful recruiters on our PSL.

    I have found that Massenhove take a friendly yet professional approach to recruitment and that these skills have been a real asset in finding the right candidates for many years now.

    Always a pleasure to deal with, and a relationship we intend to continue for the foreseeable future.

  • I am emailing you to express my satisfaction and how impressed I am with your colleague Harry in helping me with get my new job.
    Right from the first phone call he was friendly, extremely helpful and answered every single question I had without any hesitation! His customer service is amazing, as were his colleagues each time I spoke with them.
    Before I went for my interview, he was quick to reply to all my emails, queries and questions, and I was never left unanswered or without information. He always kept me informed, going beyond to attain information I was unable to secure, he really did go the extra mile.
    He called me on the morning of my interview, made me feel calm, went through all my preparation one last time, made me feel so tall, as though I was going to walk into that interview and get that job, which I did!
    Harry and all your staff at Massenhove are a massive credit to your company, I am so genuinely surprised and impressed with the service I received!
    I would

  • We began working with Massenhove on an ad hoc basis and were really pleased with their level of service, so we therefore added them to our PSL in December 2010. Massenhove continue to be on our PSL and always provide first class service. They are extremely attentive and responsive and always give 100% to source candidates for us. Massenhove cover a wide area geographical so typically find candidates which no other agencies have.