Teacher - Business Studies

Job Description

Job Title: Teacher – Business Studies

Responsible to: Head of Department, Vice-Principal or Assistant Principal, Principal

Location: Essex



To contribute to the teaching within the Department

To participate in the development of appropriate syllabuses, materials and schemes of work, end of unit tests and end of year / course examinations.

To be responsible for the specific tasks required within the Department, under the direction of the Head of Department.

To actively support the development of the Academy’s extra-curricular programme.

To take responsibility for a specified mentor group with the Academy. 





To ensure that schemes of work and lesson notes / plans are produced and reviewed

To assist with assessment processes which are compatible with school policy as required by the Head of Department/Senior Leadership Team

To ensure the appropriate differentiation of the curriculum to meet the needs of all levels of student ability

To develop teaching & learning styles which stimulate student interest and involvement in learning

To contribute as necessary to the planning of the work of the Department 



To establish appropriately high levels of expectation by setting down clear guidelines for good standards of behaviour and achievement with the Department, including the careful presentation of work and the care of books and equipment.

To conform with the procedures for monitoring and recording of progress, which include the active participation of students and involve the passing on of records from year to year

To participate in the writing and issuing of reports in the Department

To take responsibility for a specified mentor group within the Academy 



To follow school policy on student examination entry to external examinations

To implement school policy on internal examinations / tests, including preparation and assessment and occasional monitoring / invigilation 



To record and check stock within the Department as required.

To lay down standards for the proper care of accommodation, furniture and equipment to students; and to enhance the learning environment through the effective display of students’ work and other materials. 


Whole School Responsibility 

To attend / participate in staff meetings and departmental meetings as required.

To participate in parents’ evenings / awards evenings etc. under the direction of the Head of Department

To represent the Department on working parties / at other meetings as and when appropriate as requested by the Head of Department.

To actively support extra-curricular activities within the Academy 


Community Responsibility 

To ensure effective dialogue with parents in accordance with school policies

To positively promote and represent the Academy within the local and wider community.


Performance management 

To participate in the Academy’s arrangements for performance management, professional development and the Academy’s arrangements for quality assurance and internal verification. 

These duties may be varied from time to time to meet the changing needs of the Academy, at the reasonable discretion of the Principal. 

This job description does not form part of the contract of employment.  It describes the way the postholder is expected and required to perform and complete the particular duties as set out above.