Senior Delegated Underwriting Analyst

Job Description

Job Title - Senior Delegated Underwriting Analyst

Job Market - Insurance / Underwriting Management

Job Location - London 

Senior Delegated Underwriting Analyst - About the role

Work alongside the Delegated Underwriting manager in the review and oversight of delegated authority arrangements. Assist in the delivery of Delegated Underwriting Policy & Process and provide managed syndicates with assistance and guidance on Delegated Underwriting Matters

Senior Delegated Underwriting Analyst - Key duties

Review and approval of due diligence information and delegated authority contracts for DUA business written by syndicates and managed MGAs.

Coordination of coverholder audits in the DAM system. Review of audit reports and follow-up of audit recommendations with managed syndicates.

Maintenance of records in the DUA system

Responsible for the production of reports and MI management information (MI) for internal meetings and regular syndicate meetings.

Administration of Atlas tasks, entry of new binders on the Binding Authority Registration system (BAR), Delegated Audit manager (DAM) audit scoping, monitoring and providing support to syndicates on Delegated Data Manager (DDM).

Assist the DUA manager in the delivery of delegated authority oversight strategy in line with Lloyd’s Minimum Standards

Senior Delegated Underwriting Analyst - Key requirements

Current and relevant experience in a delegated underwriting role.

A good understanding of Lloyd’s requirements for delegated underwriting arrangements, essential

Working knowledge of the structure and content of binding authority, lineslip and consortium agreements

Prior use of Lloyd’s systems including Atlas, BAR, DAM, DDM, Crystal and Risk Locator