Successful recruitment starts here

Need to fill your vacancies

Massenhove Recruitment's success has been built upon maintaining close long-term relationships combined with a commitment to providing a quality service to our clients and candidates.

We operate under clear internal guidelines, ensuring the highest standards of professional practice. On-going reviews to our service are provided both by ourselves and by external third parties to ensure that we maintain our position in the hierarchy of recruitment and are carried out to ensure client's needs are met.


Candidate information

We present candidate information in confidence without distortion or omission of any relevant data and only after an in-depth discussion and with the permission of the candidate concerned. We assist and advise throughout the search and interview process, maintaining contact with both parties, advising on the structure of offers to ensure that packages are acceptable to both parties.


Fair treatment

Every possible step is taken to ensure that candidates and clients are treated equally and fairly, and that decisions within the recruitment process are based on objectiveness, discussion and job-related criteria.