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A Job Well Done:
We always aim to work as closely as possible with candidates throughout the process, being as informative and helpful as possible, always making ourselves available 7 days a week. Recent reference below;

From: Ellie []
Sent: 05 May 2017 11:28
Subject: Recruitment Consultant Feedback
Good Morning Tony,
I hope you are doing well and don't mind this email coming to you. I have recently been in contact with one of your recruitment consultants, Harry Sullivan and he has given me your email so that I can provide you with some feedback.
Myself and Harry have been speaking about one job opportunity for over a month and he has been nothing but helpful, positive and persistent (in a good way!). Long story short, I had a holiday booked which is why there was a delay on my part in regards to an interview and any other sort of progression. Harry was very mindful of this and was very clear I could contact him any time, including weekends, if I required any further help from him which was brilliant.
Harry was extremely easy to talk to and wasn't afraid to get to know me and build a very good rapport, so good infact that if I needed help looking for any other job opportunities in the future I wouldn't start by looking online and applying I would simply get in touch with him.
I'm sure he is a wonderful member of your team and has helped many other applicants like myself succeed - as because of him (and hopefully myself in the interview) the one job we were in discussion with I have been offered and accepted. He assured me straight away that any questions that I needed answering he would find out and he has, a lot quicker than I expected. He is by far the best consultant I have had the pleasure of speaking with and has provided me with excellent feedback and compliments from my new employer. 
Harry is very efficient, helpful, friendly and professional and if you don't mind me saying, you are lucky to have him! Let's hope he isn't thinking of leaving anytime soon because it would be a great loss.
I will be sure to recommend both the recruiter and Harry to anyone I know who is looking for employment.
Thank you for taking the time to read my email and I hope Harry all the best in the future.
Kindest Regards,